Roadmap to Solving Enterprise Mobility

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Aug 26, 2014 10:10:00 AM

In the last two decades, IT has become increasingly proficient at delivering and securing applications and data on a Windows PC. They could secure and manage the device using Client Management Tools (CMT) like System Center or Altiris. They could push new applications onto the device using CMT tools. Web applications would be consumed inside Internet Explorer.

This world has been turned completely upside down. The new device landscape has 2 billion smartphones, 1 billion PCs and Macs, and 3/4 billion tablets. These devices are running four different Operating Systems - iOS, Android, Windows OS, and MacOS. How does IT secure and deliver applications and data in this heterogenous world? There are four high level questions: 

Roadmap to solving Enterprise Mobility
(1.) How does IT secure the device, if possible? In many cases the devices cannot be locked down, but IT may be able to push a few simple security policies on the device, require a device passcode, push WLAN settings, etc.

(2.) How does IT secure email? Email is the single most important productivity application, and as users migrate off Blackberry, how does IT continue to deliver secure email to their end users?

(3.) How does IT secure existing assets? A typical enterprise runs 50-500 applications. Most of these apps run on-premises. Most of these applications are custom applications that reflect a core business process inside the company. The majority of these applications require a browser, but a large minority of them are Windows client server applications? There are intranets built on SharePoint, and there are literally terabytes of documents in network drives. How does IT deliver some or all of these applications and data onto the 3+ billion devices?

(4.) How does IT build new applications? Should they use HTML or HTML5? Should they build native applications? Facebook very publicly switched from building HTML5 applications to building native applications. Does their use case apply to the average enterprise? Should IT use cross-platform development tools like Appcelerator or Kony? And do the strategies for delivering existing applications need to align with the strategy for building new applications?

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