New Study on Physicians and the use of Mobile Devices

Author: irene.yam

Publish on: Feb 5, 2014 6:26:34 AM

Kantar Media covers healthcare and how consumers interact with healthcare industries. Kantar released their report on Friday, January 24 how physicians were using tablets for professional services.

The report was conducted online and surveyed over 3,000 physicians in 22 different specialties and found: physician_and_ipap

  • 51% of surveyed physicians use the tablet for professional use
  • 49% of surveyed use the tablet for professional and personal matters, compared with 78% who use smartphones for similar purposes
  • 19% use tablets for personal matters only, compared to 1% who use smartphones strictly for personal business, however only 2% use their tablets only for professional use
  • 10% use only their smartphones for professional reasons

The study didn’t cover BYOD, but from the statistics, my educated guess is physicians are bringing their own devices to work. Doctors are getting digitally savvy, 28% are using their tablets to access medical research (journals, webinars, podcasts) and email.

The Kantar Media’s Healthcare study is another data point how positive Bring-Your-Own-Device can be for all of us!

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