Move Over MDM, Here Comes the FUN

Author: irene.yam

Publish on: Feb 16, 2014 10:00:58 PM

In the IT industry we love our acronyms, don’t we? Just after VMware announced its acquisition of AirWatch, the following week there were several articles about how "MDM is Dead" or is "not a good fit for BYOD". Brian Katz wrote a guest Constellation blog February 6th titled

MDM infographic

IT is in the Experience Business” had me nodding the whole time.


Brian is totally on point when he says, “Mobile is about enablement.” That is why we buy and carry our $400 plus smartphones and $800 plus tablets to enable productivity, and some of us still carry our laptops, too. I carry my iPhone and iPad to be productive. This is why it's so critical for organizations to get virtual desktop and app solutions right.  it's all about making people productive from anywhere, on any device they feel like using

I’d like to share some real customer facts about how our customers are running mobility!

“Mobile is about enablement…we’re talking about giving people the right tools to get the job done in the best way possible.”

The building inspectors at the City of Milpitas wanted their key business applications on the iPad. Today they use expensive and heavy laptops. The initial feedback from the business inspectors has been positive. “The building inspectors have been pleasantly surprised about how quick it is to access and navigate from CRW to key work apps using Workspot. The Workspot project is a very good example how we can use the right technology to fulfill our needs in the field. We also learned a great deal about what it takes to select technology and test, and now our team has become stronger partners with the field team” shared by Keyvan Irannejad, P.E., Chief Building Official, City of Milpitas. The details: Mobile Journey is not just decided by IT

“FUN principle, the company has to Focus on the User Needs. We want productive employees who are happy and healthy and can give 110%.”

Next we planned the iPad rollout. It took us some time to schedule onboarding due to the building inspector schedules: we had to plan a month out to get everyone in a room for onboarding and training. Training was scheduled for an hour, and we went over 45 minutes due to the high interest and questions. Lots of good questions came about the meeting. On the way out of the onboarding session, a building inspector said, “So, I can dump my rugged laptop in the garbage right?” We all smiled. Going from a 7 pound laptop to an iPad is transformative for the Building Inspectors.

“Users need to have great interactions that lead to fantastic experiences that help them get stuff done and move the business towards its goal. This means developing apps based upon the FUN principle…”

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