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Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Apr 26, 2013 2:19:06 PM

Instrumented Mobile Virtualization Platform

Today IT uses various Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems to understand events and performance inside the data center. However as more computing happens outside the corporate data centers, those tools are not sufficient. We have built a highly instrumented mobile virtualization platform. We efficiently collect a lot of events on the device:

  • Which applications were accessed? On which device? From which location?
  • How long did the response take? How much bandwidth was used? Which type of network was used? Were there errors?
  • Which documents were downloaded? Which pages were viewed? Which pages were printed?
  • and many others.

Big Apps

The amount of data generated is large. It easily qualifies as Big Data. Before the cloud, storing this data was impossible for IT. Forget analyzing it. We are building three Big Apps (an app that uses Big Data):

  • Insights: Give IT a deep understanding of real end user experience, uptime, and usage data that can be analyzed by application, device, geography, or network. This will help them troubleshoot problems.
  • Events (coming in Q3): A Twitter stream of real end user activity that can be plugged into SIEM systems for compliance and auditing.
  • Boost (coming in 2013): Performance improvements based on understanding exactly what a user is doing inside their Workspot.

Insights Big App

Our first Big App is Insights. Insights enables IT to understand the real end user experience on a mobile device for both internal and SaaS applications as shown below.

Real End User Experience Real End User Experience

Insights also helps IT understand when users start having problems accessing applications on a mobile device for both internal and SaaS applications as shown below.

Application Uptime Application Uptime

IT can also understand how much bandwidth is being consumed by both your internal and SaaS applications. They have the data to understand how much of the traffic for enterprise access from mobile devices happens on a cellular network vs. a WiFi network

Bandwidth Usage By Application Bandwidth Usage By Application


Please sign up for our free Access and Control Edition to experience this new platform for Application Delivery. In the free edition, we also let you experience rolling seven days of Insights. If there are some insights that we don't currently provide, please let us know. We probably have the data for it already!


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