Cisco ASA + Workspot = BYOD

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: May 19, 2014 2:59:29 AM

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is driving complexity within the enterprise. Most organizations have yet to harness this power to its full potential. According to IDC, 66 percent of smartphones used for business are employee–liable*. True mobility no longer means “allowing” BYOD into workplace but empowering people to work on the best device for their needs, from wherever they may be, with convenient, high-performance access to corporate apps and data. All this comes at a cost to enterprise IT – managing privacy and security of corporate IP – without compromising user experience. With the rapid growth of new devices and operating systems to support, enterprises need to consider how they will manage apps and data on all device types accessing corporate resources. While many IT organizations turn to solutions like VDI and MDM to support initiatives for BYOD and mobility, key enterprise security needs remain unaddressed for employee-owned devices.

BYOD needs a Workspace

For users and IT to both embrace BYOD phenomenon, the workspace needs to be delivered as secure and, unified – a portal that unifies app, data and devices to enable users to access their workspace independent of the device, application delivery method or service. • Many Application Types (Web, SaaS, Native and Windows) • Many Data Types (Network Drives, SharePoint, Box, and others) • Many Authentication Types (Active Directory, SAML, and others) • Many Devices (Tablet, Smartphone, PC, and Mac) From an end user perspective all apps and data should be available in a single pane of glass, because the user does not care whether an application is provisioned natively, through virtualization or mobile. It should just work in the best way for the currently used form factor. And from an IT perspective, the workspace solution should enhance the security, compliance, and auditing capabilities of IT while keeping apps and data secure.

Cisco ASA + Workspot = BYOD

Cisco ASA and Workspot equals BYOD

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) provides traditional edge security functions, including firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). The Workspot solution can leverage your existing Cisco ASA deployment to enable secure delivery of applications and data to BYOD. The Workspot mobile virtualization solution has an embedded application-level VPN that can securely connect to a Cisco ASA appliance using Smart Tunnels. Workspot also leverages existing integration between Cisco ASA and authentication mechanisms like Active Directory and RSA SecurID. The Workspot client provides access to all business apps and data with an embedded secure browser, CIFS Client, RDP Client, and MDM controls for native application delivery.

The Workspot solution is 100 percent cloud controlled. No new boxes need to be deployed in the data center. No business data or end user credentials passes through the Workspot cloud – it is only a control plane.

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Workspot Insanely Simple DaaS on Microsoft Azure

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