BYOD has a new BFF: Workspace

Author: Ty Wang

Publish on: Apr 2, 2014 10:28:14 AM

Risk. Rogue Employees. Blind Spots. Data Leakage. These are some common reasons that contribute to the fear of anything bring-your-own or BYO. A recent article in CIO magazine even called it out in black and white: “BYOD Brings Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to the Enterprise."

The overall problem remains: how businesses can provide employees access to secured apps and documents while keeping pace with an increasingly mobile and bring-your-own world?

The danger with an unmanaged Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy is clear: IT doesn’t know who is accessing what, when or where. If data is compromised, there is limited remedy or recourse available. If you don’t have usage data, you cannot take action to secure devices or enforce security policies. If anything goes awry, IT is left to blame.

What if your BYOD strategy had a strong ally, which transformed the unknown and unmanaged into clarity and control? Here comes BYOD’s new BFF: Workspace. byod has a new bff - workspace

What is a workspace? A workspace is an area on the device where end users can get quick access to their corporate assets:

  • Intranet applications
  • Network drives
  • SharePoint, ETC.

A workspace simplifies the end user experience by delivering a high degree of single sign-on across VPN and enterprise SSO solutions. For IT, all assets inside a workspace are under their control and they have visibility into activity within the workspace.

End users want to be more mobile at work, but they are not willing to hand over complete control of their personal device to IT. For IT, visibility, security and compliance with policies are paramount. End users and IT need a workspace- an agreed upon space that IT can manage within the context of work on devices.

In the workspace, apps and confidential data are secured. Usage data from the workspace flows back to IT and helps them remain compliant with existing policies. Big Data gathered from the workspace takes away blind spots and reduces risk. Outside the workspace, users are free to update Facebook, tweet, and play Flappy Bird knowing IT isn’t looking over their shoulder.

BYOD paired with a secured workspace allows for a solution that is lightly managed by IT. Policy updates, apps and configurations are pushed to the workspace. If the device is lost or the employee leaves the company, the workspace can be remote wiped. No data leakage, no IT headaches.

Even though fear of the unknown is initially associated with any BYOD strategy, it doesn’t mean it should be avoided altogether. With BYOD & a secured workspace, taking the plunge into a sound mobility strategy is a lot less daunting.

Workspot offers a 100% cloud-native VDI solution that eliminates the overhwleming complexity of legacy VDI solutions.  Organizations of all sizes can now realize the benefits of VDI.  Users get an elegant workspace that allows them to easily and securely access all their apps and data - from any device they feel like using.

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