BYOD Combo that works: Security and Access to Mobile User Analytics?

Author: irene.yam

Publish on: Feb 13, 2014 9:00:29 PM

It’s not about adding more Bandwidth, but it’s time to study the Mobile Network

Zeus Kerravala wrote a blog on Network World, titled “Top 5 ways that IT wastes money.” He’s addressing that the CIOs role has changed a great deal from technical “the bits and bytes” to business focused “IT being strategic around business metrics.”

Over provisioning or adding more bandwidth was one of the 5 ways IT wasted dollars. It occurred to me to make a point of sharing Workspot’s Insights. Actually, let me share a back-story about being an early employee at Riverbed in 2002. When we first started Riverbed, we had to educate Network Engineers and IT management that it wasn’t the bandwidth that was the issue; it was the latency and the bandwidth-intensive applications that slowed down the network between data center and remote offices. Now, Riverbed is the leader in WAN Optimization market.

In 2010, the iPad changed how IT had to address mobility. It was the remote worker who didn’t want to carry a laptop, but wanted to tote the iPad everywhere. Now, BYOD has become a hot topic, mostly around security, and created the buzz around the Mobile Device Management (MDM) industry. Security is big, but I think understanding how employees are accessing apps on mobile devices are just as important to consider. If you had mobile end-user data points on how productive employees where on their iPads, (or mobile device du jour), you’ll be able to strategically plan your IT roadmap, and know where to cut and where to invest.

Below is a caption from our Workspot Insights:

BYOD combo if user insights and analytics

This data is coming from our demo account. Insights can help you answer questions and troubleshoot concerns:

  • Which apps are being accessed on mobile devices?
  • What other apps can or should I push for mobile consumption?
  • Are there apps I should sunset?
  • For the apps that aren’t use much on devices, but important to business, do I need to re-factor them? Do I need to build new native applications first?
  • Can I leverage this data to help me plan my next bandwidth purchase?
  • Should I consider consolidating network provider and mobile corporate carriers?
  • Can I tie this mobile data to business metrics and give me the data to show that I have lowered cost, improved productivity?

Having a window into end-user mobility reports can avoid making “gut” decisions, because now you’ll have data. Over time, Insights will give you the visibility to plan your IT strategy and tie this data back to business or KPI goals. 

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