Got Hacked! Six Quick Tips for Securing Personal Mobile Device in the BYOD Era

Author: irene.yam

Publish on: Feb 28, 2014 5:05:07 AM

I’ve learned so much about mobile devices and OS, and devices after working in the enterprise network infrastructure space for many years. I had to learn. Like many of you, when the iOS 7.0.6 Security Update came out, I quickly updated my Apple devices.

Then it occurred to me that most people and probably employees of companies never formally learned how to securely manage their own devices. Some may have purchased anti-virus software for their home desktop or laptop, but managing smartphones and tablets devices is still relatively new to people. Even before BYOD can be rolled out, employees should learn how-to secure their own devices or be prepared to face the potential consequences of exposing your personal data to hackers. While IT can't always mandate this, it's an important mindset and skill to have. I created a visual eBook with 6-tips for how to secure your smartphone and other personal mobile devices. To my surprise, after just 10 minutes of sharing the eBook on LinkedIn, it had over 40 clicks! I’ll take that as an indication that people do want to learn how to secure their own personal devices.

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