Azure DaaS: EUC Experience Improves 100%

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Feb 9, 2017 5:00:00 AM

Legacy Data Centers Deliver Poor User Experience

Today your users are distributed, but your data centers are not. It's too expensive to create your own data center in remote geographies. Most mid-sized businesses have been operating with 1-2 data centers in the headquarters region and then have all their users connect back to those data centers. 

For example, if you are an American company, you might locate one data center in the mid-west and have everyone else connect to that data center. Or if you are a Japanese company, you might have one data center in Osaka and have users from the rest of the world connect to that data center. This can result in latency that makes end users pretty unhappy and way less productive than they should be. 

It's easy to see how employees working far away from the data center are dealing with really poor performance. Today, when companies use local data centers, IT runs Exchange for email, SCCM for managing PCs, and XenApp 6.x for delivering applications. This means that users working from headquarters have a tolerable user experience. Meanwhile, remote users suffering from high-latency are planning their revolt instead of working. 

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In the past, you had two choices to solve the problem: (a) WAN acceleration technology from Riverbed, or (b) new data centers in remote regions. Most companies chose (a). Now you have option (c) a modern cloud data center, featuring Azure DaaS.  

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With Azure, you can bring your data centers closer to the end user

The world of EUC is changing rapidly. Azure and AWS have data centers across the globe. This means that now you can create your own virtual data center anywhere. You don't have to worry about buying co-location space, hiring data center staff, and racking and stacking servers, switches, etc. You can check a box and deploy a server in almost any region of the world. And it's way less expensive!

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So one major part of the problem has been solved. You can bring data centers to your end users. Now when your users are accessing corporate resources--regardless of where they're located--they can all enjoy a great user experience. No more latency.

Bring desktops & apps closer to all your end users

But what about the most important app - email? If you want to create a good user experience, do you have to replicate Exchange across these data centers? Where do you run your app delivery and desktop delivery solutions? Won't these still be slow?

Here's the simple answer that solves everything: Run all your desktops and apps from a cloud data center and everything will be fast for every user. Thanks to a partnership between Azure, Office 365, and Workspot, you can now deploy Office 365 in the cloud from any data center in the world. It's how you bring desktops closer to end users and deliver that great experience for everyone. Ask any IT person - it's way better to have happy users than cranky users.

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With Office 365 + Azure + Workspot, you can bring desktops & apps closer to all your end users

 Workspot's next generation VDI 2.0 / DaaS 2.0 architecture enables you to use a single console to manage/run desktops and apps in any data center, whether it's in the cloud or on-prem. With this partnership, you have a bunch of options: You can deploy Windows servers to deliver apps and Windows desktops in Azure in remote regions, or you can also choose to deploy Windows servers to deliver apps and Windows desktops on hyper-converged infrastructure in your primary data centers. 

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Want to know more about the latest Workspot PC in the Cloud solutions? Click the image below to download the solution brief:

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