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    4 Reasons Amazon Workspaces Doesn't Get a Standing Ovation for DaaS

    At Workspot, we applaud Amazon Workspaces; after all, how can you not be impressed with the momentum they've created around delivering virtual desktops from the cloud? We just can't give them a...Read more

    Cunninghams Real Estate Fuels Growth with Win10, VDI 2.0 & Nutanix

    What do you get when Workspot VDI 2.0, Nutanix hyperconverged infrastucture (HCI) and Go Systems combine forces? You get Windows 10 virtual desktops, deployed in a few days, on the hottest datacenter...Read more

    DaaS 2.0 is an Uber, VDI is a Taxi

    We've used the analogy of Uber to describe the simplicity of Workspot solutions in a previous blog, but here's another take on the analogy from a market perspective. Way back in June 2014 Aswath...Read more



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