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    Michael Keen - Why I Joined Workspot

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    What do Law Firms Need to Know About Modern VDI 2.0?

    Yesterday the International Legal Technology Association kicked off it's annual conference, ILTACON, in Las Vegas, and Workspot is in the house! Be sure to visit us at booth #819 if you're in...Read more

    Zero to Hero! VDI on HCI, in 45 Days or Less!

    What's possible with next-generation VDI 2.0? When the customer says “I need you to build a new datacenter from scratch and have virtual desktops and apps up and running in 45 days” what do you do?...Read more

    Workspot New Release Highlights Faster Cloud Deployments, In-App Support and 99.98% Uptime

    Workspot is the first multi-tenant, cloud-native solution to deploy both VDI and Windows applications across multiple sites, including on-premises and public clouds. Our micro-services...Read more



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