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    Is 2016 the Year of VDI? Experts in the VDI Space Weigh-In

    Topics: vdi solutions

    Five ways that VDI 2.0 will make your life a whole lot easier

    Topics: VDI

    Extend VDI’s Reach With a Multi-Tenant Hybrid Cloud Architecture

    Topics: VDI

    The Industry Response to VMware’s vTax Increase

    Topics: VMWare, vTax

    Faster VDI? - Workspot vs. Citrix (Attention Coffee Lovers!)

    Topics: exit citrix

    Citrix Migration – A Fork in the Road

    Topics: VDI, exit citrix

    Is It Time To Break Up With Citrix? Another 4 Reasons.

    Topics: VDI

    Do You Know About the Latest VDI Solutions? (Don't be left behind.)

    Topics: VDI

    3 Ways to Improve IT Compliance in 2016

    Topics: BYOD, it compliance, VDI, compliance

    VDI Solutions: 3 Ways VDI 2.0 Improves Security (and Stops Shadow IT)

    Topics: Workspace as a Service, VDI

    5 Reasons to consider RDS over HDX

    Topics: Workspace as a Service, VDI

    Defining VDI 2.0 (Simpler, Faster, Lower TCO )

    Topics: VDI

    Top 3 Technologies to Get Right for Enterprise Mobility Success

    Topics: BYOD, MDM, VDI

    A Brief Visual History of VDI 1.0

    Topics: VDI

    Apple, IBM: 5.7M Times Tougher Data Security for BYOD

    Topics: BYOD, BYO, Enterprise Mobility

    Can HR Solve BYOD? 7 Articles say Yes.

    Topics: BYOD, Enterprise Mobility

    BETTER BYOD: Workspot Updates for Windows 10 and Surface Pro

    Topics: What's New

    Top 5 Questions from CIOs @ MIDTECH

    Topics: Workspace as a Service, 100% Cloud

    Have EMM and VDI? (Add Workspace to get Next Generation Improvements)

    Topics: Workspace as a Service

    3-Step Program to Better Quality of Life (Hint: May Nix VDI/Citrix)

    Topics: Workspace as a Service

    To Unlock Worker Productivity with BYOD, Do These 3 Key Steps First


    What's New in Workspot for Mac 1.1?

    Topics: What's New

    Mix and match XenApp, RDS, Web Apps and CIFS in your workspace

    Topics: What's New

    Workspot Control: Faster onboarding / offboarding users

    Topics: What's New

    Solve BYOD with a Workspace

    Topics: Workspace as a Service, BYOD, What's New

    Be a Pre-Cog: Proactively Optimize With Monitoring Reports

    Topics: Workspace as a Service, 100% Cloud, What's New

    Workspot now available for Windows! Your workspace everywhere you work

    Topics: Workspace as a Service, BYOD, What's New

    75% of mobile apps fail BYOD security tests. Is YOUR company at risk?

    Topics: Workspace as a Service, BYOD

    Are you fed up with slow Citrix login?

    Topics: Workspace as a Service, 100% Cloud

    5 Hidden Costs of MDM

    Topics: Workspace as a Service

    Crazy Fast Collaboration Features!

    Topics: Workspace as a Service, What's New, Technology

    EUC Solutions Come in Too Many Flavors; How to Make Sense of it in the Cloud Era

    Right now, organizations are in the midst of a painful transition. They’re looking at their legacy VDI infrastructure (some of which has been untouched for 10+ years) and they’re wondering about a...Read more

    How 3 Customers Eliminated Their VDI Deployment Angst

    If you know anything about Workspot, you know that our mantra is how insanely simple our VDI 2.0 really is. We're obsessed with making our customers successful. Recently, we wrote a blog to...Read more

    Case Study: Chaitons LLP Uses Workspot to Rollout Virtual Desktops

    How do you keep corporate resources accessible and client files secure when lawyers are working away from the office? Chaitons, LLP learned that Workspot delivered the fastest, most affordable...Read more







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