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Simplicity + Enterprise Class:The Peanut Butter and Chocolate of Virtual Desktops

There's No "I" in Workspot (or How VDI Infrastructure is Ruining Your Life)

Your Data Center is Dead, Long Live Azure!

Why Choose Born in the Cloud Virtual Desktops

The New "Gold Standard" of Virtual Desktop Performance

Cloud Workstations Drive Corporate Growth at Engineering Firm Mead & Hunt

In the Cloud Era, Here's What You Need to Know About VDI Scalability

IT Execs Must Grab a Chair at the Strategy Table – Here’s How

Got Cobwebs in Your Data Center? You Need a Cloud PC Service!

The New Math of VDI Performance - Better than a PC!

Forget Everything About VDI! Put Your PCs in the Cloud.

Workspot is Delivering the Instant, Global Office. But Citrix Doesn't Want You to Have It. Why?

Hard-Won VDI Lessons: Persistent vs. Non-Persistent Desktops in the Cloud

CIOs Are On A Fast Track To Digital Transformation

PCs in the Cloud and Evergreen Desktops

Harry Labana: Why I Joined Workspot - Part One

GPU Workstations on Azure Are a Big Deal for BIM in AEC Firms

Found: The "D" in VDI. (It's in the Workspot Desktop Cloud!)

Missing: Have You Seen the "D" in VDI Lately?

The Tao of DaaS Monitoring

The Cloud-Native VDI Advantage: What Every CIO Needs to Know

Workspot Desktop Cloud: We Only Have Eyes for Azure

Desktop Cloud: VDI Risk Takers Need NOT Apply

The 4 T's of Cloud Desktop Success

The Workspot Desktop Cloud Difference

What's Your New Year’s Resolution? Workspot Desktop Cloud Can Help You Keep It!

2017: The Year of Workspot Cloud Desktops

Hey XenApp 6.5 Customers, It's Time for a Cloud App Solution!

Top 3 Considerations for Your XenApp 6.5 End of Life (EOL) Plan

The Impact of Microsoft 365 on VDI and EMM Markets

Sleep Well with PC Disaster Recovery in Azure

How to Benchmark a Cloud Desktop Service

Good DaaS, Bad DaaS, Not DaaS! A Primer for Modern CIOs.

Azure is the New Home for Desktops. Don't Leave Your VDI Skills in the Datacenter.

5 Reasons Partners Add Workspot DaaS to their Azure Portfolio

VDI is a Complex Tool, DaaS is an Insanely Simple Turkey, uh... Turnkey Service

VDI & DaaS: Mix 'n Match Flexibility That's Uniquely Workspot

Office 365 is Lighting a Fire Under DaaS!

It's True! Buying DaaS is as Easy as Buying an iPhone.

Got GPU Envy? Get the Advantage with Workstation Cloud!

7 Habits of Highly Effective DaaS

VDI for $200k in 9 Months, or DaaS in a Day?

Desktop-as-a-Service Has Changed! Take the Quiz.

4 Reasons Amazon Workspaces Doesn't Get a Standing Ovation for DaaS

Cunninghams Real Estate Fuels Growth with Win10, VDI 2.0 & Nutanix

DaaS 2.0 is an Uber, VDI is a Taxi

Is Healthcare Ready for Cloud Desktops?

DaaS That Makes You Go WOW!

Lessons from Irma: Time for Disaster Preparedness!

Cloud Desktop Security: For Law Firms, Details Matter

The Great VDI Disruption: Amazon WorkSpaces Started It!

Why VDI Workloads Will Drive Public Cloud Consumption

What do Law Firms Need to Know About Modern VDI 2.0?

Zero to Hero! VDI on HCI, in 45 Days or Less!

Workspot New Release Highlights Faster Cloud Deployments, In-App Support and 99.98% Uptime

4 Hot VDI & Cloud Topics IT Executives Are Talking About Now

Accelerate Your Microsoft Partnership and Grow Your Business with Workspot

Let's Meet at Microsoft Inspire. The Time is Now for VDI on Azure!

Meet Us to See VDI 2.0 at Nutanix .NEXT Booth #S-17

Meet Us to See VDI 2.0 at Cisco Live, Booth #2740

XenApp forklift upgrade or modern virtual apps?

Houston Eye Turns to Workspot Virtual Apps on Azure to Boost Physician Productivity

Big News! Workspot’s Cloud-Native VDI is Now Available on the Azure Marketplace

Top 3 Windows Workloads for Microsoft Azure

Major Momentum! Workspot is On a Roll With Microsoft and New VDI Cloud Customers

Top 10 Questions You Must Ask About Citrix Cloud

MSPs & CSPs: Want to Expand Your VDI Services Offerings? Partner with Workspot to Deliver DaaS 2.0!

Use Cases for GPU-Accelerated Cloud Workstations on Azure

Freedom! Workstation Cloud Delivers GPU Cloud Workstations From Azure

How You Can Achieve VDI Simplicity with a Single Platform

DaaS is Transforming End User Computing

Compare EUC Solutions. Who Has the Simplest VDI in the Cloud Era?

EUC Solutions Come in Too Many Flavors; How to Make Sense of it in the Cloud Era

How 3 Customers Eliminated Their VDI Deployment Angst

Case Study: Chaitons LLP Uses Workspot to Rollout Virtual Desktops

VDI Deployment: Uber or Build-your-own?

Three of our Engineering Team's Favorite New Features in Workspot Cloud

Windows 10 Client Licensing for VDI on Azure!

Michael Keen - Why I Joined Workspot

Cloud-based Solutions are Disrupting the Reseller Eco-System

The Last Thing You Need is a Windows 10 Migration Headache

3 Keys to Success for Partnering in a Cloud-First World

Industry-First No-Risk VDI Deployment - Customers Love It!

Won Best of VMworld 2016, kicked out of Citrix Synergy 2016 & 2017

Why Workspot's Client is So Fast (Our VDI Secret Sauce)

A Virtual Desktop Checklist for CIOs: The Top 5 Questions to Ask

Azure DaaS: EUC Experience Improves 100%

Create a modern data center with a multi-site, cloud-first strategy

Compare Workspot VDI 2.0 & DaaS 2.0 to Other Solutions

The Pitfalls of Cloud-Washed VDI and How It Affects Your Bottom Line

Case Study: Hydradyne Solves BYOD Challenges for Sales Team with VDI 2.0 + Scale Computing

Next Gen VDI 2.0 & DaaS 2.0

It's a Wrap! 2016 Was a Great Year for Workspot Customers

Desktop Cloud Has Arrived: Workspot’s Cloud-Native VDI is Integrated with Azure

Top IT Challenges: VDI and the Cloud

Is 2016 the Year of VDI? Experts in the VDI Space Weigh-In

Workspot Gets $6.2M in New Funding to Back a Major Growth Spurt

The VDI 2.0 Setup That Takes Less Than 15 Minutes

VDI Architecture: Behind the Scenes of VDI 2.0 Client Architecture

A Replacement for VDI-in-a-Box Has Arrived: Scale and Workspot Ink a New Deal!

We Won Best of VMworld 2016 US, Now We're Headed to VMworld 2016 Europe!

The Easy-to-Implement VDI Platform

Cloud Native VDI - "Why didn't someone think of that before?"

Here's What the Industry’s First Cloud-Native VDI Solution Looks Like Under the Hood

What Makes VDI Insanely Great? (Hint: It's Industry Chops)

Another VDI 2.0 Tale from VMWorld - Scale Computing takes a RideCast

Why We Invented Next Generation VDI 2.0

Five ways that VDI 2.0 will make your life a whole lot easier

Workspot Wins Best of VMworld 2016 Gold Award for Desktop and Application Delivery

Workspot + VMware App Volumes: Low TCO Mid-Market VDI solution

Meet Us at VMworld, Booth #448

The VDI Revolution Has Arrived

How SMBs Can Solve Their Top 3 IT Challenges

VDI 2.0 enables MSPs to deliver VDI with high margins

VDI 1.0 wasn't designed for MSPs

MSPs should offer VDI as a solution

Cloud-Native VDI 2.0 is the Wave of the Future

3 Reasons to Attend The "What's Next" Megacast with Nutanix and Workspot

3 Citrix IMA Upgrade Options to Avoid!

Simple + Cloud Native = Infinitely Scalable VDI 2.0

How Workspot Made VDI 10x Simpler

Workspot + Nutanix = Better VDI (Video)

Extend VDI’s Reach With a Multi-Tenant Hybrid Cloud Architecture

News about the Workspot Partnership With HPE Is Spreading Fast

VDI: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet! (Well, Almost....)

Cloud-Native is Better Than Cloud-Hosted: Workspot vs. Citrix Cloud

Citrix & VMware's Strategy is To Overwhelm You With Too Many Choices

5 Reasons XenApp 6.5 Customers Should Consider Workspot

Scared of XenApp 6.5 EOL? Your 3 Options

5 Pitfalls of XenApp 6.5 Migration

Workspot is the simplest VDI solution since Kaviza VDI-in-a-Box

Brad Peterson - Why I Joined Workspot

The Industry Response to VMware’s vTax Increase

From Apples to Apples: Are You Switching from Citrix to VMware?

What Ruben Spruijt, Mark Bowker, and I discussed during our webinar

Future of VDI: 5 Topics We’ll Unpack During Tomorrow’s Webinar

Get Your vTax Refund Early!  Avoid the vTax! Part 2.

VMware Wants to Increase Your vTax!

Faster VDI? - Workspot vs. Citrix (Attention Coffee Lovers!)

Infographic: TCO Comparison between Workspot and XenDesktop or Horizon

Q: What did Brian Madden, Gabe, Puneet and I talk about for an hour? A: VDI Technology

Brian Madden, Gabe, and Me Are Getting the Band Back Together Live!

Simple VDI Anyone? These Architects Say Yes!

Citrix Migration – A Fork in the Road

Is It Time To Break Up With Citrix? Another 4 Reasons.

Do you have an exit-Citrix strategy?

What's next for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)?

From Plumber to Producer:  CIOs are the New CEOs in Training.

Single- vs. Multi-Tenant VDI: Which One’s Better for DaaS?

Do You Know About the Latest VDI Solutions? (Don't be left behind.)

The 5 Year End User Computing Roadmap: VDI Solutions After VDI 1.0

3 Ways to Improve IT Compliance in 2016

Powering Paradise: Kauai Island Utility Cooperative Solved BYOD

5 Tips for Troubleshooting Citrix HDX Performance & Connection issues

3 Reasons IT Procrastinates on VDI Solutions (And How to Overcome)

VDI Solutions: 3 Ways to lower IT Costs with VDI 2.0

VDI Solutions: 3 Ways VDI 2.0 Improves Security (and Stops Shadow IT)

Stop wasting your time on VDI 1.0

5 Reasons to consider RDS over HDX

McCourt Global: Year Long Journey to Securing iPads in the Enterprise

VDI 2.0 to expand VDI usage from 5% to 20% and Greenfield Opportunities

Anatomy of VDI 2.0 with Workspot and Nutanix Acropolis

Workspace or VDI? 6 Questions to Consider

Brian Madden Finds Workspot Plus Nutanix Interesting.  (And then More Interesting.)

Simplify VDI for ROBO:  7 pictures, no big deal!

Defining VDI 2.0 (Simpler, Faster, Lower TCO )

Perfect VDI: Hyperconverged Infrastructure + Cloud Control

Top 3 Technologies to Get Right for Enterprise Mobility Success

A Brief Visual History of VDI 1.0

What killed VDI 1.0? Performance and Cost

Want a REALLY productive lunch break?  Fix your BYOD in 60 Minutes.

Apple, IBM: 5.7M Times Tougher Data Security for BYOD

Can HR Solve BYOD? 7 Articles say Yes.

A CISO's checklist for BYOD

BETTER BYOD: Workspot Updates for Windows 10 and Surface Pro

BYOD and Enterprise Mobility meet the American Family Vacation (Infographic)

3 Common App Delivery Myths in a Mobile-First World

MDM to Manage BYOx is an Oxymoron

Onboard 20K new users?  (Secure Enterprise Mobility Made Easy)

Top 5 Questions from CIOs @ MIDTECH

Have EMM and VDI? (Add Workspace to get Next Generation Improvements)

As You Close out 2015... 3 Ways to improve BYOx in 2016

Sunsetting Legacy Systems Like Citrix? 3 Factors to Consider

Have we hit peak VDI?

3-Step Program to Better Quality of Life (Hint: May Nix VDI/Citrix)

Did you work over Labor Day?  Tell us about it!

To Unlock Worker Productivity with BYOD, Do These 3 Key Steps First

3 Solutions you need for Enterprise App Delivery (II)

3 Solutions you need for Enterprise App Delivery (I)

What's New in Workspot for Mac 1.1?

Enabling Context-Rich App Delivery

I have XenApp. What's next for app delivery?

Mix and match XenApp, RDS, Web Apps and CIFS in your workspace

Workspot Control: Faster onboarding / offboarding users

Brain Scans of a Next Generation Workspace for BYOD

Why you need a Rich Client architecture for BYOD

Only 4.2% of users access business applications from BYOD!

Solving BYOD requires a multi-tenant 100% cloud solution

You need visibility for BYOD. Lots of it.

End points are updating 10x faster than your data center! What's your strategy?

Solve BYOD with a Workspace

EMM, VDI, or Workspace? What do your users need?

Your users need a workspace; not a virtual desktop!

Is a Mac the most important BYOD device for the enterprise?

Mobile-first does not mean Mobile-only

The Only Way to Move Fast to Deliver Apps: 100% Cloud

3 Strategic Requirements for App Delivery

The 4x4 App Delivery Matrix for a Mobile-first World

3 Common App Delivery Myths in a Mobile-First World

A Workspace for Windows PC? Heck yeah!

Be a Pre-Cog: Proactively Optimize With Monitoring Reports

Workspot Announces Workspot Enterprise, The Complete Workspace for Windows, iOS and Android Devices

Workspot now available for Windows! Your workspace everywhere you work

75% of mobile apps fail BYOD security tests. Is YOUR company at risk?

Are you fed up with slow Citrix login?

What is mobile-first anyway? Not mobile only.

Workspot is 10x better than Citrix

5 Hidden Costs of MDM

Crazy Fast Collaboration Features!

Re-inventing Infrastructure Software to Mobilize your Enterprise

100% Cloud without Compromise delivering Workspace as a Service

3 Blind Men (VDI, EMM, CMT) are looking at the same Elephant!

Traditional Enterprise Software will Always Lose to Cloud-First SaaS

Don't manage the Device! Manage the Workspace

One Cardinal Truth of a Workspace

3 Reasons you need 60 Minutes to Mobilize your Enterprise

What DaaS Doesn't Do

How to keep up with the speed of mobile? (Workspace as a Service!)

What Apps to put in that Workspace

The Anatomy of a Workspace that lets you get Work done

4 Essential Elements of a Workspace to Mobilize the Enterprise

How to create a mobile-first enterpise [Hint: It's the device, dummy!]

VDI is a niche solution. And that is ok!

Workspace as a Service is the right architecture for enterprise mobility

Workspot Control not affected by "Shellshock"

Its early for enterprise mobility! Really early.

Microsoft OWA 365. Better for business than iOS Native Email Client? Yes.

Former Citrix Executive Joins Workspot as Vice President of Products

Roadmap to Solving Enterprise Mobility - Existing Applications

Roadmap to Solving Enterprise Mobility - Secure the Device

California Ruling on BYOD

Roadmap to Solving Enterprise Mobility

Workspot achieves “Enterprise-Ready” status from Skyhigh Networks

Workspot secures $6.5M in Series A funding from Helion Ventures, Translink Capital and Qualcomm

Cisco ASA + Workspot = BYOD

Workspot Named a 2014 "Cool Vendor" by Gartner in 2014 Endpoint Computing Report

Journey to the Cloud

BYOD has a new BFF: Workspace

Workspace as a Service (WaaS)

New Workspot Release (March '14)

Got Hacked! Six Quick Tips for Securing Personal Mobile Device in the BYOD Era

The Blended Workspace

Move Over MDM, Here comes the FUN

BYOD Combo that works: Security and Access to Mobile User Analytics?

Mobile Journey is Not Just Decided by IT

Engineering Intern Honored by the San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)

TCO of Mobility: In with iPads and Out with Rugged Laptops

New Study on Physicians and the use of Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Management Market Won't Last: Gartner

Insights creates order out of chaos

Workspot re-invents App Delivery to Simplify BYOD and SaaS

The Democratization of BYOD -- Part 1, Here's The Problem

Form Factor

Challenges with native apps in the enterprise

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