5 Reasons XenApp 6.5 Customers Should Consider Workspot

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: May 24, 2016 6:00:00 AM

XenApp 6.5 End of Life (EoL) is coming

You can't hide from it. Soon you will have decide what you're going to do post-XenApp 6.5. Basically, you have two options: 1) either you can rip-and-replace with XenApp 7.x, or 2) you can choose to never rip-and-replace again. 

Workspot offers #2, the painless option. Because we were the team that built VDI 1.0 and the FMA architecture at Citrix, we understand the daunting task of migrating from IMA to FMA architecture. Ever since we all left Citrix and VMware behind, it has been our team's goal to simplify securing apps and data for both end users and IT.

5 reasons to replace XenApp 6.5 with Workspot

(1) You'll enjoy a unified Workspace for all applications.

The Workspot client is available on any device. As a unified Workspace for end users, it provides access to all applications, including custom web, packaged web, SaaS, HTML5, CIFS, and Windows client server apps. As a result, the user experience is consistent across all devices while connecting over the internal or external network.  

Workspace is built into the Workspot client. There is nothing extra to install, configure, or manage, and it works with any VPN from Cisco, Juniper, f5, and Fortinet. Compare that to Citrix where to get a Workspace you are required to add XenMobile, then migrate from Web Interface to Storefront. And it only works with NetScaler.

xenapp 6.5 ?  Consider Workspot


(2) You'll be able to integrate apps into Workspace with 1 click.

With Workspot, IT can add a new application into the Workspace with 1 click. In that same screen, you can configure both VPN access, as well as the type of Single Sign On used by the application. A few seconds later, end users can access their new apps. Sounds insanely simple, right?

Compare that experience with Citrix Studio, which is not insanely simple:


(Click to zoom)

(3) Workspot leverages Microsoft RDSH and RDP.

With every Windows server and desktop, you get a "free" RDP license. For all XenApp implementations, you already own the Microsoft CALs for RDSH. Workspot leverages that purchase and adds the management and workspace capabilities. XenApp licenses are no longer required.

(4) You can use your existing infrastructure.

Workspot was designed to leverage your existing infrastructure. The applications in an end user Workspace can run in multiple private or public data centers. In each data center, the infrastructure can be heterogeneous:

  • XenApp, Terminal Services, etc.
  • vSphere, Hyper-V*, OpenStack*
  • VPN (Cisco, F5, Pulse Secure, Fortinet)
  • SSO (NTLM/Kerberos, CA Siteminder, Oracle iDP, Okta, etc.)

Workspot is a cloud-native design. As a result, it couldn't be more simple and scalable. Now, imagine what you'd have to do to install XenApp 7.x in multiple datacenters.... 5 reasons xenapp 6.5 customers should consider Workspot

(5) You'll get access to fine-grained big data analytics.

The Workspot client sends near real-time data about performance, usage, availability, and end user behavior to the cloud. This data enables IT to not only understand the actual end user experience, but also to monitor changes before they become a problem. Plus, it has a built-in DLP engine. These are samples of reports you can generate:


 (Click to zoom)

This level of information isn't available in XenApp 6.5, even if you installed all 23 Citrix consoles, including having EdgeSight 5.4 fully configured to surface every metric in a CSV file. In XenApp 7.x, you'll have to install several 3rd party products, but you'll still only get about half of the visibility.

Think about it: You could replace XenApp in 1 day

XenApp 6.5 EoL is coming. You several have choices for how you deal with this situation. To make up your mind, ask yourself this question: Do you really want to rip-and-replace XenApp 6.5 and start from square one with XenApp 7.x?  Workspot really does offer the most painless option. In fact, you can deploy Workspot in production in less than a day.

Need Another 4 Reasons to break up with Citrix?

In the next article, we'll tell you why providing IT with too many architectural choices not only introduces unnecessary confusion, it also stifles innovation.

Learn more about why XenApp 6.5 customers should consider Workspot instead of XenApp 7 and FMA.

Exit-Citrix Strategy: Why Workspot


Want to know more about Workspot today? Click the image below to download the solution brief:
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