5 Reasons Partners Add Workspot DaaS to their Azure Portfolio

Author: Hamish McNee

Publish on: Nov 28, 2017 5:00:00 AM

Lately I've been talking to a lot of Microsoft CSP Partners who have Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity Competency, and I find them searching for the next breakout service offering to meet their customers' ever-changing demands. We believe that adding Workspot Cloud Apps, Cloud Desktops and Cloud Workstations through the Workspot Cloud Consulting Partner (CCP) Program is the game changer they're looking for, and here’s 5 reasons why!

1) The DaaS market is accelerating

The current total addressable market for virtual desktop (VDI) deployments is estimated at 150m and it's predicted that 50% of those will be hosted in the cloud. Combine that forecast with this recent trend: 80% of IT budgets will be associated with some sort of cloud service offering over the next 14 months. That is a very clear  picture of what customers are demanding for modern IT Infrastructure. These trends are compelling for  Microsoft CSPs to add cloud-based apps and desktops to their offerings, but execution is not so easy. Using first generation legacy VDI products requires significant skills and certifications; these products also take months to implement limiting “first mover” advantage for partners to take their customers to the cloud, not to mention the outdated technology that limits success for their customers.

2) Fastest route to market and customer success

Workspot offers the only turnkey, enterprise-class DaaS solution; it's comprehensive platform on which partners add complementary products and services. The platform is ready now. Azure is ready now. There are no training classes, certifications or complex configurations required for you to provision your customers. Our partners are experiencing 30-45 day sales cycles from introductory customer presentation through live trial and on to production billing.

Workspot Azure Tenant.png


3) No-risk deployment & proven technology

Workspot bundles Customer Success Team services and Azure consumption as part of the product offering. Customer Success engagement means your customers get “white glove” treatment along with Workspot's proven planning and activation methodology. With Azure consumption included in the offer you are able to present to your customers a fixed and predictable monthly total cost, which dramatically simplifies their world. Workspot manages the variability of the Azure use and pays Microsoft on behalf of the customer. 

4) Azure consumption drives revenue pull-through for partners

Take note! Where the desktops reside, the apps and data will follow! Adding a Workspot DaaS solution to your customer's environment can pull though up to 7X additional Azure consumption; this not only means more opportunity for partners to provide customer value, but it's in addition to the revenue sharing rebate that Workspot provides to our Cloud Consulting Partners.

5) New opportunities for cloud consulting, managed services & professional services revenue

Providing Workspot Cloud Apps, Cloud Desktops and Cloud Workstations to your customers is just the first step in your journey as you usher your customers to the cloud. By adding these Workspot DaaS solutions to your portfolio, you'll open the door to a whole host of additional add-on products and services including:

  • Partner managed services (Desktop, End User, Incident, Device Support)
  • Desktop and EUC services (Profiles, AD, Anti-virus, Malware Resolution)
  • Additional products and services (Azure Tenant, O365, DR, Backup, Endpoint)
  • Implementation consulting services (Design, Build, Migrate)
  • Workload migration services (On-prem to Azure Migration and Expansion)
  • Helpdesk services

Workspot Azure Partner Tenant with User-2.png

Time to take a look!

We can’t wait to show you our innovative approach to enterprise-class VDI and DaaS. Schedule a demo and in 15 minutes you’ll rethink your approach to providing virtual apps and desktops to your customers! Redeploy your high-tech talent to projects that are far more strategic to your customer's business, and get ready for some very happy customers! 



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