How to keep up with the speed of mobile? (Workspace as a Service!)

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Dec 18, 2014 5:30:00 AM

In previous blog posts, we  talked about how the best end user solution to mobilize the enterprise is a workspace. We believe that the best architecture to deploy a workspace is a 100% cloud solution. Why? Very simply put, it's because the world is moving much faster. 

All the current IT processes have been organized to buy and deploy software in timeframes of years, just like it took months for vendors to put out a single release (remember the days software came in boxes??). A typical infrastructure software sales process would take 9 months, and then IT would spend the next 12-18 months deploying the software to a small set of internal users, and it could take 2-3 years before broad rollout. Upgrades could take 9-12 months. Think of how long it took you to deploy a VPN, VDI or MDM.

Workspace as a service

The dominant endpoint computing platform in the enterprise for many years was a Windows PC. Microsoft made a major upgrade to Windows every 3-5 years. Companies skipped every alternate release and upgraded every 7-10 years: from Windows XP to Windows 7. 

This is no longer possible. Since 80+% of the end points (phones, tablets, laptops) in the world are end user owned (BYOD), and end users can upgrade their device at any time, end point OS is being upgraded nearly every day if you count all the variations of Android, iOS, and Windows.  The world now moves at the speed of mobile.   Does your software?

In this fast-changing end-point environment, IT needs to move as fast. We believe that the right solution to mobilizing the enterprise at this pace is a 100% cloud solution: workspace as a service.

For IT to keep up, you have to demand these essential elements of a workspace as a service: 

  1. Show value in 60 Minutes
  2. Zero footprint in the data center 
  3. Uncompromising scalability and security with a control plane architecture
  4. Single version of code that is always up-to-date
  5. Deliver a faster rate of innovation

We will be elaborating on each of these in upcoming blog posts, but if you'd like to learn more, let's start with a review of product updates for enterprise infrastructure software.  Do you struggle with managing the testing and implementation of product updates for YOUR enterprise? You are not alone, for many companies this is a never ending and challenging balancing act. On one hand, new feature updates enhance the user experience and increase productivity. However, releases are usually infrequent, and require significant IT resource to test, schedule, and execute the system upgrades.

Wish you could have BOTH faster updates AND minimal IT effort to roll out those updates? 

Schedule a 15 minute demo to see today's Workspot in action.  We're the leader in cloud desktops, and we can have you up and running on Microsoft Azure in as little as one day!



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