Top 5 Questions from CIOs @ MIDTECH

Author: Jimmy Chang

Publish on: Sep 29, 2015 6:00:00 AM

My colleague Patricia Nolan and I were just at MIDTECH 2015 in Baltimore last week. In the span of one and a half days, we spoke with 44 CIOs and IT leaders about the top problems that they need to solve. 

The top five questions we heard from CIO and IT leaders 


  1. I'm moving my Exchange and other services to the cloud to simplify my IT.  How do I simplify managing desktops? Will VDI help? 
  2. The security team won't let anyone install any apps on iOS or Android mobile devices because of challenges with malware on mobile platforms.  How can I give users access to apps and data without any apps?
  3. I've been rolling out VMWare VDI for the past 3-4 years. Are there faster options than VMWare for managing user access to apps and data?
  4. How do I solve BYOD without MDM, which requires too much IT intervention?
  5. I'm trying to get rid of my data center and moved most of my applications to the cloud.  But I still have some proprietary applications and data in my datacenter that I don't know how to move yet.  How do I connect users to the cloud and my data center without adding more infrastructure?

Of the CIO and IT leaders with whom we spoke, ~40 are still working to solve application delivery.  There were three common themes:

1. Need for speed. Traditional solutions require building infrastructure which can mean that IT is always catching up to what the users need right now. 

2. Reconciling TCO strategy.  After moving services to the Cloud to gain the TCO and scalability benefits, several CIOs then contemplated building VDI in-house to connect users to cloud services. 

3. Balancing security and usability. Maintaining Enterprise security is paramount, but what is the best balance between security and usability? Too many security protocols and password logins can decrease the UX and slow down productivity. IT needs to keep information secure while maintaining an efficient and consistent user experience to maximize end user productivity.  

A solution that addresses all 3 major concerns  

As a 100% cloud architecture, Workspot solutions are fast, flexible, reduce TCO, and enable maximum efficiency. With Workspot cloud virtual desktops, you can go live in as little as an hour, so you will never be stuck playing catch-up with building or expanding your infrastructure.

And TCO? Building and maintaining your VDI infrastructure on-premises is inherently expensive, and can't take you into the future. With Workspot, you don't have to worry about updates or infrastructure build-outs for scalability.  Workspot can deliver peace of mind and let you focus on core business initiatives.

As for security and usability, Workspot provides single sign-on for your users to securely access all their apps and data. All confidential data and applications are encrypted by AES 256 and walled off from the user's device itself. This delivers a seamless user experience without compromising security.

Schedule a 15 minute demo to see today's Workspot in action. We're the leader in cloud desktops, and we can have you up and running on Microsoft Azure in as little as one day!


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